The Danakil Photography tour, for the most part is dated for the November to January months

The Danakil Photography tour, for the most part is dated for the November to January months. This is when the climate is much cooler and forgiving. The Depression is known as the hottest place on Earth. This is not an easy feat, even if you would be used to hot weather. The scheduled time may be the cooler months, but make no mistake, it will still be scorching. It may not be the most sought after holiday location in the world but it can still be pretty hard to get yourself a spot in the tour. Your best bet would be to book at the beginning of the year as soon as the dates are revealed for the tour. The Danakil Photography tour is a tour intended for the more adventurous spirit. There is much physical exertion once the area is reached. The Danakil Photography tour goes atop dormant volcanoes, inside deep caves and through vibrant salt mines.


Each offers a wide scope of photographic elements and requires a fair amount of effort to reach maximum vantage capturing points. It is essentially a photography tour, so although there will be a fair amount of exploration of the different habitats within, photography remains a crucial element. For the Danakil Photography tour to be a success, a team of staff escorts the group to the Depression area. This consists of a tour leader who guides the way and oversees all logistics. Their role on the Danakil Photography tour would be to ensure that all elements promised on the package deal is adhered to. A photography expert also tags along on the trip. Their role is to oversee the photography element. The extent of their role will depend on the skills level of the group. If tour participants and more beginner, then the instructor will play more of an introductory role. If participants are more intermediate, then there will be more advanced techniques taught.

The purpose of booking into a photography tour is to get in a firm expertise of sorts in this craft. It can be a pretty boring endeavour when done in everyday surroundings. On the Danakil Photography tour its plays a big role. Due to the heat, there would have to be periods of break such as when it is hottest. This time is then spent doing the theoretical side of photography. This can then be put into use by venturing right outside and not only getting beautiful shots but memories as well. A 3 person side staff complement also tags along. There are no amenities on the way to and within the Danakil Depression. Any amenities and provisions needed must be taken along. This will mean much setting up along the way. Staff are there to handle this portion. Guests will just have to enjoy the trip itself and focus on expanding their photography skills. The typical journey to the Depression takes around 3 days with a further 4 being spent in the area. In total, expect to set aside 10 days for the tour. This will include your flight time into Ethiopia as well as some relaxation time in Addis Ababa.