One of the all-time favourite holidays to embark on is the Pantanal wildlife tour

One of the all-time favourite holidays to embark on is the Pantanal wildlife tour. Spread over 3 countries, the large inland wetland contains a varied and enormous wildlife count. The sheer scope of the land needs a 3 week stay just to get a general overview of the land and to see much of the conservationist efforts. Modified tours of the Pantanal will focus on one area at a time so that there will be sufficient time to explore. Such a need would be for birding. The Pantanal is wonderful for birding though the wildlife tour spends just a small portion on this factor. Book into a specialized birding tour to get the most out of the 500 plus birding species in the area. There is much travelling to be done during the Pantanal wildlife tour. You would be visiting grassland, wetland, forests, islands, rivers, savannahs and jungles. These will be explored in detail for their flora as well as fauna attributes.


The star of the show as suggested in the title of the Pantanal wildlife tour is undoubtedly going to the animals, from birds to mammals and the famed jaguars. Wildlife roam in abundance here and freely. Tour groups will be venturing out in modified safari vehicles to see wildlife in their natural habitat. This is so much different from seeing them in a zoo for example. Being in their natural habitat, they are much more at ease and one gets a deeper sense of their true social behaviour. This is essentially what you would want to see on a wildlife tour. This makes for the interesting sightings during the Pantanal wildlife tour. The tour places an emphasis on wildlife. A portion of tour proceeds goes towards animal rehabilitation and conserving the Pantanal region. Visiting the Pantanal is visiting one of the few untouched pieces of land on Earth. You will become one with nature.

Even overnighting is done at campsites allowing you to sleep under the stars. All of the tiresome work that will go into the setup and meal preparations will be out of your hands because the Pantanal wildlife tour is a package where all of these are inclusive. Guides and side staff come along to make the journey a lot more comfortable for tour guests. The maximum number of guests per tour group must not exceed 6 people. This smaller number is done twofold. The first being that although people are allowed into the region for wildlife tour purposes, any interference must be kept to a minimum. Guests are also given a short orientation upon landing in Cuiaba on how to behave once in animal terrain. The second is so that the guide will be able to spend time giving personalized attention to each member of the Pantanal wildlife tour group. Remember, the tour guide will be on hand during every aspect of the trip. You would not be wandering off into the jungles and rivers alone. They will have their own commentary but will also oblige your questions and requests.