Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. It’s history is very rich and complex and goes back to 59 b.C, when the Romans built a village whose name was Florentia. It’s famous for its artworks, many of which are exhibited in Uffizi, one of the most important museum in the world, where you can find, among other many paintings, the celebrated Primavera by Botticelli.

In Florence you can also find a lot of lovely places, like Piazza della Signoria, or the Ponte Vecchio, a singular very suggestive bridge on which you can find prestigious jewelry stores. But if you want to see other very important monuments, you cannot miss Palazzo Vecchio, Giotto’s Bell Tower, and you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of Giardini di Boboli, a luxuriant Renaissance garden with ancient statues. If you want to experience a breathtaking view of the city you cannot miss Piazzale Michelangelo a XIX century green square from which you can relax watching Florence from above.

Can you come back home without visiting the magnificent churches among the most famous in Italy and also beyond Italian borders? Not at all! So, you can visit the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, the Santa Croce Basilica, the St. John Baptistery, the Santa Maria Novella Cathedral and many others. Another must is the Michelangelo’s David, that is shown in Palazzo Pitti, another great museum of this fabulous Italian city.



Florence is also famous for its “magic”: everywhere you go you can find something that will enchant you and the landscape of the city is very particular: if you like the romantic atmosphere, you can enjoy the sunset on a bridge, while the last red light is mirrored in the Arno river. I already talked about the Giardini di Boboli: this is a really magic place, because while you are walking in the park, you have the impression that you are no more in the XXI century and it looks like that place put a spell on you.

But Florence, in addition to the great monuments and art, can offer you a labyrinth of narrow streets you can walk, loosing yourself in the real old city, with its typical shops, bars and restaurants. After dinner, you will be enchanted by the lights of the city by night, especially along the riverside.

If you name Florence you name its hills too: the hills around Florence are unique and you can reach them to enjoy a day in the nature in wonderful corners like Bellosguardo, famous because the Italian poets Ugo Foscolo and Eugenio Montale named it in their poems. From Bellosguardo you have a unique view of Florence and other places around. The nature, the poetry and Florence mirrored in your eyes: who could ask for more?

You will love this city and you will come back, sooner or later. Best hotel in Florence is the ideal choice if you want to enjoy your journey in the right way.