Preparing Yourself with Ideal Safari Clothing on Desert Safari Dubai

While your travel to Dubai, you will surely not want to miss the exciting Desert Safari tour. The Desert Safari Dubai tour is one of the most rejuvenating experiences with a lot of fun activities to do amidst the Arabian Desert that stretches up to few hundred kilometers. But before you start your safari, you should learn about the quintessential safari clothing that suits the desert climate.

The Desert Safari Clothing Guide

You should consider wearing the proper gear if you are not accustomed to the intense desert heat and rapid temperature changes. Wearing a proper clothing will ensure that you avoid the sunburns and stay relaxed even at the high temperatures. Consider the following clothing advice before you start enjoying your safari to the Arabian Desert.

Think of the Breathable Fabrics

The lightweight linen and cotton fabrics are the best clothing choices for Desert Safari Dubai. You should consider choosing the clothing line with neutral colors like tan or white while shopping for the desert wardrobe. It will reduce the absorption of sun’s heat by the clothes to a large extent. The dark colored clothes absorb more heat and you might get tanned enough if you wear dark clothes. The ideal safari wear is light colored and you should focus on choosing the items that comfortable to wear even over 100 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures.

Layer your Clothing

You will also need safari clothing that can be easily layered, especially when you will be staying in the desert overnight. The temperature usually takes sharp turns in the extreme deserts like that of Dubai.It can go up to intense 120 degrees Fahrenheit to a chilling 50 degrees Fahrenheit at the night. You can carry the long sleeved light colored shirts, and warm jackets that can be worn during the night hours or evening.


Sand Protection

You will also want a clothing line that can protect you from the wind and sand. The sandstorms are very common in the deserts. You should bring the sunglasses and the protection for your mouth and face, just in case a sandstorm occurs.

Sneakers or Sandals – What’s the Ideal Fit

The Arabian Desert is a warm desert. The sand might be warmer than what you find on the beaches. Depending on your personal comfort zone, you can either consider taking sandals or sneakers along. If you don’t mind the war, sand touching your feet, then sandals can be a good choice. The sneakers can be more protective than sandals and can reduce the tanning on your feet. But one of the troubles is that the sand tends to get inside the sneakers as you walk through the ArabianDesert. You can consider taking both sandalsand sneakers along if it’s your first desert safari.

Check Facilities that Might be Available

You need not bring the two weeks safari clothing along you on the Desert Safari Dubai tour. So, ensure that you have checked out the lodging facilities that might be available nearby. This can help you in taking just the required set of clothing along and keeping the rest in the motel. Also, there are tours that include one stop in between. This will help you in reducing the amount of luggage you carry through the way. You must plan your travel according to your budget. Get ready will the things at least a week before your journey.

A few items in your safari clothing line can be worn daily without the need to be replaced like sunglasses, jackets, and sneakers/sandals. Avoid carrying the extra pair of these items just to reduce the burden of things you are carrying.

The Last Words

The Desert Safari Dubai tour is a memorable experience. But it can get worse if you don’t carry the right clothing to be worn in the desert environment. The temperature fluctuations may spoil your health and you might not be able to enjoy the safari tour to the fullest. It is recommended to take the right clothing gear along so that you can avoid the adverse situations in the Arabian Desert. Have a blasting experience on your tour to Dubai and don’t miss the exaggerating desert safari tour.