The Japan Photography tour provides a good balance of learning and touring

The Japan Photography tour provides a good balance of learning and touring. In an all-inclusive price, guests will gain access to the following aspects as part of the tour.

Transport- transportation includes all modes during the tour itself. This does not extend to getting to the tour base. All Japan Photography tour guests will have to make arrangements for this themselves. For international visitors, this can be done by flying in or arriving by cruise. Japan is an island and can be accessed all round. Flying is the mode most preferred by touring guests as it gives them more time in the country itself and not to spend too much of time on a ship. Japan has an excellent public transport system that is very efficient and will be used once or twice for the tour group to experience. For the most part, a private minibus will be used which will comfortably carry all guests and luggage.

Accommodation- accommodation on the Japan Photography tour includes a well-balanced luxury offering along with more streamlined traditional lodges. Spots are selected to give tour guests the full Japan treatment. This base will be used as resting quarters, for freshening up, partaking in meals and classroom style photography lessons.


Food- Japanese food is so much more extensive than just sushi, yet the country still remains the place to visit to try the most authentic made sushi. Foods that are a must try when in Japan are Miso, Tempura, Soba and Yakitori. You would be hard pressed to find the best spots that serve these meals so leaving it in the capable hands of travel experts remains the best course forward.

Entrance fees- entrance fees also make up a tour package. Japan photography tour guests will not have to worry about this aspect when preparing for their trip. It is advised though to bring along some cash so that the guide can be tipped and also if some shopping will be done.

Guide- the guide is why so many people book into the Japan photography tour. Their role extends beyond just guiding the group around and adhering to the set schedule. They are a wealth of knowledge and are constantly on hand for any help that may be required from the group. Since all groups are kept small, each person has an ample amount of time with the guide for some one on one attention. This is especially important when regarding the photography aspect.

Photography lessons- this is a crucial aspect to the Japan Photography tour. This tour type is more than just visiting Japan. Photography is a vital element as well. Guides will not just show you how to take a picture out in the field but will first direct you in the inner workings of the camera. Once done, these lessons will be applied during the various outings. The guide is ever present to advice on how to capitalize on certain elements. At the end of each day, tour guests will get an opportunity to have their pictures printed and have the guide point out areas where improvement can be made.