The Chad tour is the perfect solution for those wanting to travel to Africa

The Chad tour is the perfect solution for those wanting to travel to Africa but do not want much travel. Located in the northern central region, it is easily accessible, especially to those living in Europe and Asia. Booking into the Chad tour allows for a holiday that is planned by people who actually know the area. This is the main reason why holiday tour packages are so sought after. If you would be visiting a new country such as Chad for the very first time, you would not have a great idea of how to best use your time in the country. It is one of the biggest countries in Africa and there is a lot of ground to cover, so there is also much travel within the tour itself.


For an unknown land to you, it would be pretty hard to calculate the amount of days you are going to need in the different cities. This guesswork of sorts is taken out of the equation by travel experts. They are the consultants who have studied the country and have a detailed analysis of what will work best for people unfamiliar with the country, so they have taken all of these elements and placed it into a single tour so that it can be enjoyed by tourists. A tour package is an affordable way of seeing more of the planet. It allows trips such as the Chad tour to be that much more possible. On the Chad tour guests will get a chance to visit a country that offers the following in terms of touring entertainment.

The Gerewol festival is a week long event that occurs every September. The Chad tour is also best done at this time as the weather is warmer with fewer rains. It is Africa’s most pompous festival and very few people ever get the chance to get up close to the festivities. Invites are needed which are easily secured through a tour company. Traditional groups gather in a very remote part each year for a journey of feasting, dancing, racing and finding partners.

The trip to Ennedi is marked by a complete rustic nature. This part of the Chad tour is done in recreational vehicles. The land is known for its intricate mountains with rock art from ancient times. The sights to behold from the top are marvellous with desert lakes and the Tubu tribe formations. At night guests get to lie atop the vehicles and marvel at the starry sky, which is crystal clear. The nearby Tibesti region is visited next where the same concept is enjoyed though with the inclusion of gorges and the chance to climb a bit of the Sahara’s highest mountain peak.

Zakouma is a wildlife reserve towards the south of Chad. It is usually left to the end of the Chad tour as the tranquil environment gives tour guests the chance to get in some relaxation before the journey back home. It is here that a safari is best done as there is ample opportunity to view all of the big 5 animals. It is very rare that you would also bump into another travel group making the experience that much more special.